Wi-Fi that works harder.
Most of us have Wi-Fi at home, but don’t think much about how it gets from the service provider to our devices. Learn how it works—and how Google Wifi can take your devices further.
Limitations of traditional Wi-Fi.
To get from your internet service provider (ISP) to your devices, Wi-Fi has to go through a few steps.
Provides internet service to your home.
Receives the internet service signal.
Translates that signal into Wi-Fi.
Adds to Wi-Fi range, but at reduced bandwidth.
But traditional Wi-Fi routers have limited range. The further you are from the router, the weaker the signal, resulting in dead zones and buffering. While one solution to increase range is an extender, they can decrease bandwidth and have limited reach as well.
Google Wifi keeps you connected.
Google Wifi replaces your router with “points,” creating a blanket of fast, reliable Wi-Fi that covers your entire home. So you get:
Full coverage throughout your home.
Because Wifi points connect seamlessly to each other, you can add as many as you need without affecting your Wi-Fi speed.
Super fast Wi-Fi in every room.
Each Wifi point acts as a router, producing high fidelity signal for optimal device connection.
One network for all your devices.
Google Wifi uses “mesh” technology to create a single Wi-Fi network, so there’s no need to manually switch between points as you move from room to room. Learn more about mesh.
Network Assist.
Network Assist is Google intelligence that manages complex settings behind the scenes and makes sure you have the fastest connection possible.
Always connects you to the fastest Wifi point.
With multiple Google Wifi points, Network Assist invisibly transitions your device to the closest point and fastest connection, so you can take your video calls from the living room to the kitchen without losing signal.
Places you on the least congested channel.
Wi-Fi travels on shared channels, which can get crowded. Network Assist ensures Wifi points are using the clearest channels to connect to one another, and to your devices.
Uses the fastest band for your devices.
There are two Wi-Fi bands: 2.4GHz (slower, but longer range) and 5 GHz (faster, but shorter range). We automatically connect your device to the band that will be fastest based on your location.
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