The Google Wifi app puts you in control of your network.
Start setting your network up right away with the Google Wifi app. It’s easy to see what’s connected, share your password with guests, and more from anywhere.
Give your kids a break.
Keep dinner or bedtime screen-free – the Google Wifi app lets you take control of your kids’ internet usage by pressing pause on their devices.
Watch without interruptions.
Prioritize a device for the fastest speeds when it matters most, like your Chromecast when marathoning your favorite show.
Check your speed.
Test the speed of your connection at each Wifi point, plus the speed you’re getting from your internet service provider (ISP).
Know your network.
See which devices are connected and how much bandwidth each is using to get a better understanding of where your Wi-Fi is going.
Get your friends connected.
You can quickly find and share your password from the app, or even create a separate network for guests.
Add on admins.
Get help managing your network and settings by granting others admin access – they can make changes even if they aren’t at home with you.
Connect your smart home.
Turn up the lights by connecting your Philips Hue bulbs to your Wifi system; if you have house guests, they can also control your Hue lights from
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